CCR5 and Cancer

Published preclinical studies provide support for CCR5’s role in cancer and cancer metastasis. These studies demonstrate CCR5 inhibitors’ ability to effectively block breast and prostate cancer spread and to block human breast cancer metastasis. In preclinical studies CCR5 inhibitors blocked prostate cancer metastasis to the bones, the brain and other organs with high effectiveness. You can learn more about CCR5’s role in cancer viewing the videos and reading the articles below.

Article: CCR5 Antagonist Blocks Metastasis of Basal Breast Cancer Cells

Article: CCR5 Receptor Antagonists Block Metastasis to Bone of v-Src Oncogene-Transformed Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cell Lines

Article: The CCL5/CCR5 axis promotes metastasis in basal breast cancer

Article: CCR5 Governs DNA Damage Repair and Breast Cancer Stem Cell Expansion