CCR5 and Cancer

Our CMO Dr. Richard Pestell, MD, PhD, MB, BS, FACP, FRACP, FAAAS, MBA, is a world renowned oncologist. Dr. Pestell founded ProstaGene (recently acquired by CytoDyn), to develop CCR5 technology in cancer indications with focus on metastasis of many types of cancer. Dr. Pestell previously served as Director of two National Cancer Institute Cancer Centers that focused on innovation for novel cancer treatments and trials.

Dr. Pestell has published preclinical studies that provide support for CCR5’s role in cancer and cancer metastasis. These studies demonstrate CCR5 inhibitors’ ability to effectively block breast and prostate cancer spread and to block human breast cancer metastasis. In preclinical studies CCR5 inhibitors blocked prostate cancer metastasis to the bones, the brain and other organs with high effectiveness. You can learn more about CCR5’s role in cancer and Dr. Pestell’s research by viewing the videos and reading the articles below.

Video: Serious Science: Cancer Metastasis Promotion by CCR5 Receptor – Richard Pestell

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